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Lil Wayne’s grill will not be getting removed, according to his lawyer Stacey Richman. Despite speculation that Weezy was removing his diamond grill before going to jail on gun charges, Richman insists that is not that case. In an interview with New York Magazine Richman said the rappers signature grill will remain intact.

Lil Wayne’s sentence date and jail term has been postponed to March 2 due to dental surgery of a cracked tooth. When asked why the surgery wasn’t done before the February 9 court date, Richman said Weezy’s dentist had to go on a last-minute charity mission to Nicaragua.

The attorney announced that Wayne has been scheduled with a dentist in Florida on February 12. The dentist will tend to Lil Wayne’s cracked tooth and he will need a minimum of ten days to recover. According to New York Magazine The judge and D.A. were aware of the situation prior postponement. 





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