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OK! So Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and not all of us have a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate the ‘lovers day’ with. Well you know what I have to say about that? SO WHAT! You do NOT, I repeat, you do NOT need a lover to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I have celebrated V’Day with my significant other (at the time) and without them. At the end of the day, single or not, February 14th can be fun and love filled for all. Who cares whether or not you have a boo? You can be your own boo! If you think about it, this day is to celebrate love, not your lover. There is a big difference. Just cause you are single doesn’t mean someone doesn’t love you. Also, just cause your single doesn’t mean you have to stay inside your house. In conclusion, I have made the ULTIMATE guide for my fellow single people to follow on this special ‘loving’ day.

The Top 5 Do’s for Singles

5.  Rent or go see a funny movie with friends (or by yourself) that will make your mood that much better for the rest of the day.

4.  Go treat yourself. Buy yourself a ‘lil suntin suntin.’ You know those pair of shoes/sneakers/jacket/purse/watch/shirt you always wanted? Get It! A day at the spa (manicures, pedicures, haircut, etc) sounds great too. Relax a little bit, and while relaxing just think of all the arguements and headaches you do NOT have to deal with because you, my friend, are single and loving it!

3.  Try something new. Change up your look/style. Be very spontaneous and don’t think twice about.

2.  Get dinner with friends or with family. It is always great to be surrounded by people who you just know have a tremendous amount of love for you and you feel the same way back.

1.  Be Out! Yea, ok….so every one you see that day will be holding hands, hugging, and kissing but don’t let that faze you. Go to a club/ party or gathering where you can meet other singles and maybe just maybe find someone you are interested in. Who knows where that road can lead to in life….

The Top 5 Don’ts for Singles

5.  Do NOT rent a sappy movie that makes you cry and think of past memories. Listen, the past is the past, move on!

4.  Don’t be in a bad mood the whole day mumbling under your breath ‘eww’ when you see people holding hands, hugging, kissing, or being affectionate in general. It is a day for the lovers, let them have it.

3.  Do NOT send yourself a present to the office/ work place or home. Let’s think about this real quick shall we? Although everyone might think you have a significant other, or someone that is crushing on you, the real fact is you know that you dont.

2.  Do NOT go around looking for someone to be your Valentine’s Day date.  Embrace the fact that you are single (jeez).

1.  Do NOT call/text your ex crying and telling them how much you miss them, etc. You probably only feel this way because of the date, February 14th. Please do not do this to yourself.

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