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You ever think about how life would be if your favorite cast member from ‘The Jersey Shore’ were players in the NBA ALL STAR game? Who would you put together? Mike ‘The Siuation’ as Dirk Nowitski? Angelina as Paul Pierce? Check out how I put it all together:

Mike ‘The Situation’ as Rajan Rondo: Rajan Rondo is known for his quickness and steals in the NBA, much like the episode when Mike stole Vinny’s lady friend while they were out in the club one night.

Vinny as Kevin Durant: Kevin Durant is reffered to by many as an underrated player, much like Vinny, who was the only one actually getting action in the house (not counting Ronnie).
Angelina as Paul Pierce: If you watched the show, you know Angelina (who got kicked off for not wanting to work, among other things), was very argumentative and didn’t care whose feelings she hurt. Much like Paul Pierce, who always has an argument every time there’s a call against him.
JWoww as Amare Stoudamire: Jwoww had conflicts during the season about whether or not she wanted to with her boyfriend, much like Amare’s indecisiveness about leaving the Phoenix Suns.
Pauly D as Steve Nash: Steve Nash leads the league in assists, similar to Pauly D being Mike ‘The Situation’s’ wingman on the show.
Snooki as Nate Robinson: Do I have to say why I put these two together? Both of them dont let their height hold them back from anything, Snooki challenges life head on and Nate just became a 3x Slam Dunk Contest champion.
Sammi as Zach Randolph: Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship too off early in the season, but after a couple episodes, she became a drama queen and crybaby, much like Zach Randolph who always seems to shed a tear.