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I don’t think people realize what a struggle it is being a new artist, even with a record deal. I’m so grateful and blessed to be apart of the SRC/Universal family but I must be honest, I don’t sleep much. Am I tired? Yes! But my hunger and need for the music that I’m creating to be heard by thousands even millions one day is what keeps me going.

First let me rewind..

Hello World,

My name is Corte Ellis A.K.A The Author. My journey started A FEW YEARS BACK WHEN MUSIC WAS CONSIDERED A WAY OUT FOR ME. Whether my emotion was happy, sad, angry or mad I was able to turn my feeling into melodies, verses, and hooks that would ultimately put me in the place that I’m in now. I would spend countless hours in the studio writing and recording until one day David Pic Conoly, former member of Surface, was in the studio working with R&B recording artist Olivia. At the time Olivia was the artist off of Clive Davis new imprint J Records. She was working on a song and asked what did I hear creatively and from that point my life would slowly begin to change. I gave my input and ended up writing on a song titled ‘Till he comes home’ and that album went gold.

I later traveled to New Jersey and met with two producers, K Mack and Bless, The SoulDiggaz. I was recruited to become the third member of the team, My job, to write to every track that they would cook up. Some days I would sit in the studio and write three or four records with hopes of being able to sell one. The first track I placed as one of the ‘SoulDiggaz’ was called ‘Penny Candy’  for a group named STRONG. Derrick Thompson, cut me my first OFFICIAL check! It wasn’t much but I was able to buy a meal and pay my cell phone bill and that was all I needed to keep going. Next thing I knew, I was getting calls from all over. Rumor had it that this guy from Virgina named Corte was Hott! I was still adapting to this life I was now living and growing as a writer and the literally one day I found myself in the studio with BEYONCE working on the Dangerously In Love album. WOW!!! I couldn’t believe it! I STILL CAN’T believe it! Beyonce and I exchanged ideas and laughed all while making hits.


Now we all know how this goes, Once word hit the industry that I worked with Beyonce my phone rang more then ever before. The buzz was so crazy that I sparked the attention of Missy Elliot who came and signed me as a songwriter. She took me in and showed me how to create music that people would not only love but remember forever. She was like my Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. I learned so much that the next round of record I would write would be for heavy hitters like: Britney Spears, R Kelly and Jennifer Hudson.

I was in a great place. Making money, working with artist that I admired but I began to lose my true focus which was Me being an artist and performer. After collecting some industry wisdom and a few more stacks it was time for me to focus and work on my craft as an artist. With my record deal in place I find myself in a different world. Everyday I have meetings, promo runs etc. Today, I spent HOURS in the studio just doing drops for DJ’s. But I’m here. I’m doing what I love and living the life that was meant for me.

Stay tuned….

Corte Ellis A.K.A The Author