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Welcome to the “SPEAKEASY” edition of “FAST LIFE 360.” (Where you have to know somebody that knows somebody in order to gain admittance)

Knock Knock!!!!! ………………………………….Who’s There? COME IN, but “wipe your feet”.

Defy the false, twist the truth, change the outcome, but always “BE HONEST”:  By: Michael T Mauldin/@mikemauldinmtm (twitter)

If ever; when are you fed up with the system, relationships, partnerships and the Bull**it, that most of the time comes along with it? Do you find that the belief & need to make certain decisions, has you puzzled or confused?  You do know you have to do something about this, right?  So what are you doing? If your answer is nothing, what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT!

So often we let things slide; particularly things effecting family, business, relationships or a partner of love.  Which in many cases, we are not prepared or designed to expose, because of what we feel we may loose, along the way. What we have to do, is find the way to make our lives work, for all concerned, especially ourselves. It’s called HAPPINESS! Live for today but make sure you can still breathe tomorrow!

What is happiness? What does it take to get there? Listen: I have discovered that it is always best, to open up to YOURSELF, 1st!  You don’t have to tell anyone, anything that you don’t want to tell, or do anything you don’t want to do. However; if that’s is the case, you have to be ready to bare the circumstances.  Honestly; most of the time, I never feel like I wanna share anything, that may cause ill will, distrust or doubt with anyone, regardless or not if I’m in the right or the wrong. One thing I do know:  if GOD intends for it to be so, it will always work out in the end! Just as my friend @thejeffrobinson (on twitter) says: “it ain’t over, cause the Blood will never lose its power.” If it does lose it, then its over, cause it OVER! U dig?

Happiness is the oxygen that we need for the survival of life & Love. I say “live your life, take a deep breath and let the love flow” Be HAPPY!

Till next week; “keep the faith & live the Fast Life”!  Check out @BraggOnIt, @djnabsinthelab & @mikemauldinmtm, not only on twitter but also FAST LIFE 360 on Global Grind and more!