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Now Amber, we here at have nestled your image closely in our hearts, and we are all routing for you! But in the Fashion section we feel like it’s our duty to guide and help those that don’t always get it, and well…

Now I’m all about self expression and the idea of uniquely embracing a look and making it your own, and though we feel that 54.11’s/ Aerobics/Freestyles should have been left in the late 80’s early 90’s, with a lot of the other fashion faux paus this error birthed, we get that YOU like it. And Amber since WE like you, We found you some alternatives to these Neon Eye Bright monstrosities you been rocking around Manhattan. Now with the crisp air of Fall looming lets at least get some fall colors going…



So to Amber Rose and all those that follow her, lets either force these shoes into oblivion or tone the color waves down……… Your boo said it best Amber “Reebok baby, you need to try  some new things” Kanye West- Run this Town