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by Russell Simmons

All of the media attention surrounding the censorship by many social networks of my friend, Coco’s body makes me think of society’s undue control of an individual’s morality.  Seems to me that human sexuality is a gift from god.  And that sexuality and all of its expression is not as harmful as the religious right and others would have you think.  In fact, I think this sexual expression is healthy.

But when I think about my bible, the yoga sutras, I think about the practice of the first and most important rule of human behavior, ahimsa, which tells us that an individual should cause the least amount of harm possible.  And then I think that we abuse 9 billion farm animals per year without even a thought, while at the same time, we abuse our most precious, living entity, mother earth itself.  We bomb and abuse other innocent people and turn a blind’s eye to the 27 million modern day slaves, then go absolutely bonkers over a beautiful body.  This is why the Buddha said, don’t trust your religious teachers, test everything yourself.  So, you can sit in mediation and decide what you believe is harmful.  You can open your eyes from your mediation and practice ahimsa, while exuding an honest expression of good will.  So, maybe some of you will wake up from the delusion that all societal rules are good and that you will no longer follow them blindly like sheep.

For the record, I will say, that I would much rather look at Coco’s sexy ass than watch you eat a sixteen ounce steak.

Russell Simmons

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