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With the Baracka Flaka Flame video being an internet sensation, the real President, Barack Obama, should consider using it as a campaign video. Now stay with us on this one, it would show a different side of the President, it would show that he has a sense of humor when it comes to his fame and notoriety.  But when you think about it aren’t all campaign videos a reflection of a candidate?

Looking at some of these crazy ads and they aren’t that far off from Baracka’s parody. From John McCain to Christine O’Donnell they are all subject for comedic jabs. Let’s take a look at some campaign videos that come close to Baracka’s.


Old Spice Dan Freilich

Dude actually channel’s the old spice guy, lmao this one is crazy.  


Arizona Congressional Candidate Pamela Gorman

Lmao the ad is un-subtle as it gets. The conservative Christian congressional candidate is apparently fond of puns describing her as a “pretty fair shot” and “high caliber,” but this chick is uber crazy.


Florida State Representative Mike Weinstein

This should be a joke. We think it is, but Rep. Mike Weinstein is all real. This commercial for his reelection campaign is like a’80s pop-culture throwback, Wham! Raping, dancing and singing, what’s going on here?


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