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MTV released their 10 hottest emcess for 2010 which included everyone from Ludacris, Rick Ross, Waka Flocka, Jay-Z and a bunch of other emcees we love. This year Marshall Mathers aka Eminem took home the number 1 spot on one of hip hops best list to be ranked on. 

With that said, we here at Global Grind have a few suggestion for MTVs Hottest 10 Emcees so that they can go pop. Well in some cases even more pop! We see you Yeezy, Hov, B.o.B. and Eminem!

So in order from 10-1 we will give you our super dope suggestions to have these hip hop heavyweights help bridge the gap between genres even more than it’s already blurred. 


Ludacris: Luda has always been a dope emcee, but one thing we would like to see Ludacris do to go pop is star in more TV Shows. Luda stole the show on Law & Order so why not branch off into Boardwalk Empire or the Event?


B.o.B.:  We would love to see this guitar toting rapper have a jam session with Travis Barker on drums, Flea on the bass and Styles P on the vocals supplying super hardcore raps over the beats and music this group creates. Close your eyes and listen to it in your head. 


Waka Flocka Flame: Waka goes hard in the paint without a doubt, but wouldn’t you love to see him on SNL? Musical guest would be dope and all but Waka should host SNL. Especially after Barack Flocka Flame! [pagebreak]

Lil Wayne: Weezy had already blurred the lines of hip hop with a ground breaking rock album. We can’t applaud him enough for that, but wouldn’t it be equally as dope if he hooked up with like Brittany Spears and did a all out DANCE track. Even better they should let David Guetta produce the track. [pagebreak]

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj was sitting pretty at number 6, no album just a bunch of features. We’re excited to check out Nicki’s debut offering. With that said Nicki Minaj we are begging that you please do a track w/ Ke$ha. After all she is the mainstream Nicki Minaj!  [pagebreak]

Rick Ross: Rick Ross and his fly Bugatti Boy ways should totally spend a week on The View. [pagebreak]

Drake: We’ll admit Drake made this one rather easy for us, considering that he owns and wants to wear her shirt. According to <a href='; target='_bl