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In a little less than two weeks Lil’ Wayne will finally be released from Riker’s Island, and we will be treated to an onslaught of new music. Until then, ’30 Minutes To New Orleans’ – the latest Wayne track to leak – will have to do. Fans may remember this track from the Wayne documentary that aired last year, but we’ve finally been treated to a studio version. Despite the over-use of auto-tune this song is prime Wayne, with him spitting quotables like ‘Whatcha ‘gon do/When Nina Ross come and put the p*ussy on you.’ It’s been hard to miss Wayne too much since he’s put out so much music while locked up, but we still can’t wait to hear what he has to say in his post-jail material.

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  Lil’ Wayne – 30 Minutes To New Orleans by GlobalGrind

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