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Race has always been sort of a taboo subject amongst many. Factoring in cultural, economic, and societal influences, there has definitely been a sort of hierarchy developed that poignantly places black people at the bottom of the totem pole. But what has actually been feeding the stereotypes that plague our race, or were we merely dealt an unwinnable hand?


By now, I am sure most of you have seen and laughed at the Barack Obama parody that is the toast to Youtube, and as we draw to a close with our morning editorial meeting, conversations shifted to the Baracka Flacka Flames parody and where the true joke was. One of my fellow editors, whose opinion tends to invoke many discussions, simply asked this question: ‘What are they laughing at?’ The reverence was to, what exactly are people, (races other than blacks) laughing at when they watch this?


The Saggy Pants- Its so disheartening to know that me went for dressing like this- to ths


Filing other peoples Kids on your income tax




Multi colored hair weaves and nails




Twitcon and Facebook profile pictures of body parts that are not HOMEGROWN




Jewelry and NO ASSETS 




Using Your child’s name to obtain credit 




Dancing and performing (Shucking and Jiving) for change in train stations, parks, and subway cars




Stop @ Kat Stacks requesting sexual favors




STOP blaming BET




The extended family tree must stop- ‘My cousin’s baby fava Da-Da nieces mova”