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It’s amazing to me the reaction Barack Obama generates from people, especially from our friends at Fox News.  President Obama has totally flipped the script on them; it’s like when you’re baiting someone and they don’t move an inch, they stand their ground and nothing you say offends them, while the baiter just gets more upset, aggravated, and violent.  Take Glenn “The Joker” Beck for example, the more Obama is in the news,  making speeches and doing press conferences ,the crazier Beck gets, his act has skewed away from news and has become an exhibition of ignorance , buffoonery, and superstitious, sort of like a modern day minstrel show for America.

Now minstrel shows of the 1830’s and early 1900’s showcased blacks as buffoonish, lazy, and ignorant; it tried to give white America a glimpse into black American culture. I look at Glenn Beck as a modern day minstrel show character without the black face, he’s funny, ignorant when it comes to politics, race, and the President, his opinions are always based on an America of yesteryear, he screams at people, and he cries all the time. Beck’s program has become comical instead of news worthy; when I watch his program I get a glimpse of the America he wants to see, and now thanks to Obama, the script has been flipped, the crazy has been let out of the cage, so check out some of Beck’s most memorable buffoonish moments.

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