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Show up today at the governor’s office at 1 p.m. I’LL BE THERE TOO!


THIS IS THE WEEK I’m interested in being entertained by gossip or funny tv or music or…. but if I could just get people excited about this transitional period or to watch their politicians on this one issue for a few days… anyhow thats life. We are always seeking just one more blessing
🙂 but again can we rally up support and love for the people unjustly locked in jail pleeeeease…. I promise I wont ask for sh*t else.

Every morning I meditate and before silence sets in there is a period of uncertainty for a few minutes where the thoughts run rampant and in those minutes (and even a few minutes after those minutes) I get a chance to see the noise (thoughts) from a little distance.. It is there that maybe I don’t react to them so quickly but instead just ‘watch’ them. It is at this time while taking this inventory of my thoughts that I can best choose my actions for the day. I may be confronted with heavy judgement from family or heads of my charities or biz associates or press officers… Or even confronted by  something as small as judgment from the monster media itself. So this morning Prayer allows me strength to weigh the validity of those pressures.

As a yogi, I’ve come to realize that my happiness and perception of reality is based 100 % from what sits inside and 0% from what happens on the outside. It is also for this reason that I sometimes have strength to be original. I encourage all people and including artists to be good listeners but more important to follow their heart and not be a puppet to judgment or mediocrity. Be special. Choose what makes u whole.
I can tell u that choosing vegan diet or fighting for the environment or running five charities and even giving away my money to various charities comes from these prayers.  I can let you in on a trick… the toys I receive are a result of the gifts I give.
This is not some crazy idea I have. I have proof. (This is taught by all the prophets and it sits in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah the Buddhist scriptures and the yoga sutras).  I repeat, the toys I receive are a result of the gifts I give.

I sometimes write to reflect to reaffirm my own faith. I’m sure I’m restating the obvious to you but I can tell you the reason the yogis chant the name of god over and over again is because we have to remember and remember to remember.

Oh shit! the senate majority leader is calling.

Maybe there’s a break through… :-).  Last note… If I can ask you for anything. ‘don’t forget those non-violent diseased people sitting in cells for doing what I did, the gov did, the president did and the previous president did (use coke).  95% of those locked up are black, yet blacks and white use drugs at the same rate. They need your support! Come to the rally tomorrow at the governor’s office. See you there!

-Russell Simmons

Here’s the information for today’s rally…


On Wednesday, hundreds of people — including Global Grind, Editor in Chief, Russell Simmons and Meile Rockefeller and the families of those in prison for drug offenses, people who were formerly incarcerated, doctors, lawyers and advocates — will rally at Governor Paterson’s Manhattan office to urge him and legislative leaders to end the Rockefeller Drug Laws.   

The Rockefeller Drug Laws mandate extremely harsh sentences for sale or possession of small amounts of drugs. Most of the thousands of people incarcerated under Rockefeller are low-level drug offenders, and most come from just a handful of low-income New York City neighborhoods. Ninety percent are black or Latino even thoug