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Dear Allies,

Today, the NY Times reports that the Governor and Legislature have struck a deal to reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws. This is only partly true. 

Yes, the Governor, Senate and Assembly have agreed to reform the laws. But as of now, nobody is entirely sure of the details—which is of course where we’ll find the substance. When we get the details, that’s when a deal will be finally done—but not before. Because the deal isn’t yet final, it is therefore subject to falling apart. So we must remain vigilant. 

Can you make one call today and another tomorrow that will help us reach a final agreement enacting real reform of the Rockefeller Drug Laws? 



Call Governor Paterson. Urge him to enact real reform of the Rockefeller Drug Laws. 518-474-8390

This shouldn’t be hard for the Governor to do—he’s been a longtime champion of reform, and he clearly understands what’s at stake. Let’s make one final push to ask him to follow through. 

Contact one other person today and ask them to call Governor Paterson as well. 

The TIMES article comes one day after an energetic rally at Governor Paterson’s office, where hundreds called for an end to the Rockefeller Drug Laws, including Russell Simmons and Rev. Calvin Butts. That rally was heard loud and clear in Albany, I assure you. 

Below you’ll find information about the negotiations in Albany, articles about the rally, a story about a letter by judges calling for reform, and an op-ed by a New York State Supreme Court Justice, also calling for reform. 

We’re so close. Let’s make one final push. If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Thanks for all you do


-Gabriel Sayegh

Drug Policy Alliance Network



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