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Steve Carrell has a lot to celebrate lately aside from his recent blockbusters ‘Despicable Me‘ and ‘Dinner for Schmucks‘.  Carrell is certainly someone that always sees the humor in everything and never fails to amuse himself no matter how mundane the situation.  Even with no light or cake Carrell is often seen delighted enough about anybody’s birthday to jump into the high harmony of the song.  

Michael Scott, the beloved character he plays in the The Office is a birthday maniac the Party Planning Committee is probably regarded the highest priority on his list on his agenda as a manager.  Birthdays to him are opportunities for him to let everyone know how much he cares through cake, the universal symbol of love.  He also hopes that in return that his employees would throw him the birthday party of his life one day to make him feel like the most popular kid in high school and also that they truly care for him.

To honor Steve Carrell‘s birthday wev’e rounded up a list of his best birthday moments from The Office and we can’t help but wonder if he will be singing the high harmony of the birthday song while blowing out his candles today,check out the clips in the following pages!

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