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19 year old Lance Stephen is a talented basketball player from Abraham Lincol High School in Brooklyn, but his anger management needs much work.  Last night he was arrested for pushing his girlfriend Jasmine Williams 21 down a flight of stairs at around 5 a.m. at her apartment building.  Jasmine who is also the mother of Stephenson’s child was sent to the hospital after falling down 10 steps tumbling headfirst to be trated for head and neck injuries. 


Stephenson was the 40th pick during the draft but now faces second degree assault charges.  This is not his first offense, in 2008 he sexually abused a 17 year old giril in his high school.  The Pacers deal promised him $700,000 for the season and he has an impressive basketball resume but his off-court rap sheet will undoubtedly stagnate his career. 

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