Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while since my last blog but let’s just call it a creative breakdown or something like that. The summer has been a blast; been travelling Europe back and forth and spent most of my time on the Spanish island Ibiza this year. Many things have changed in my life. SO MUCH that I could probably write a whole book instead of a blog but don’t worry, I think I’ll stick to this blog because the nicest thing about it is to hear your opinion after I’ve written about mine. 🙂

In this blog I want to share something beautiful with you and want you to share it with me too if you have something to say to it. It’s LOVE… I’ve been dating plenty of guys I have to admit, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced love the way I do right now!

What is love? Is there an explanation or is it just there or not? Is it a matter of interpretation? Does everybody experience it in a different way? I really don’t think so…

Of course relationships are different, the way lovers handle each other are different, Sex is different, and the way to show love are different… But not love.

To me love is first of all a fantastic feeling coming from inside holding on 24/7 every single minute and there’s no minute you don’t include this person or something you’ve done or do with this person in your thoughts, it’s commitment – knowing where you belong and feeling save there, care, fun, pain – as far as it gets, future, fantasy, imagination. You just don’t want to be without the person you love and you smile all over your face when you see or hear this person. Even when you fight and you want to kill each other: braking up is the last thing on your mind! Or better: There shouldn’t even be a way out…

I found love, I found the father of my children, my Clyde and partner in crime. Sounds super cheesy I know but it’s just so exciting experiencing this real feeling of love the first time in my life thinking:

What the hell have I been doing all this time!!!!

I mean now I understand the difference between “IN LOVE” and actually really “LOVE”. If I would have experienced what I do now, I think I wouldn’t have broken up with any of the guys I had to dump in my life. Don‘t worry, I’ve been dumped to big time so no need for mean comments on this one 😉

I am really curious about your experience of true love. No matter if you’ve been dumped, are/were married, divorced, happy, not happy (why??) gay, cheating, bored, crazy in love: I want to know it all!



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