Just got back from a soccer game. Real Madrid played against Zurich. That’s probably like Perez Hilton is trying to date Megan Fox (or let’s say Brad Pitt). But i had fun… But what’s up with that bling on Cristiano Ronaldo’s ear?? I like bling but on him it just looks like he’d try to date Brad Pitt too… Talking about the ‘perfect match’, i find that every couple should have this ‘ah i know why she/he likes him/her’ effect. You should be stronger together than you are alone.

That actually counts for any kind of relationship. It’s non sense to be with someone if she/he doesn’t complete you, shows you new things, teaches you things, takes you somewhere where you’ve never been (even if it’s just a nice spot on a beach, on a mountain or anywhere else). Women look for a man they can look up to, learn from and men look for women to lean on, to count on and the look good with. I think the woman should always be the better looking and the man the smarter part of the team. I’m not saying that men are smarter then woman but how nice is a couple if the women’s smart and her man even smarter?

Let me give you some examples of couples i find really sexy:

Michelle and Barack Obama – They make a super great couple! When i saw their Inauguration Ball dance i seriously dropped a tear because it’s so romantic how they really deeply love each other and how they let the world know about it. They are cool and you can tell that they’re having loads of fun together and support each other wherever they can. They make a good example of how love should look like.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – The first thing i thought when they got together was: The sexiest woman alive is dating the sexiest man alive?! Whaaaaaat?! They’re definitely riding on the same wave and committed to each other a 1’000’000 percent. You know what I’m talking about… At least 20% of the weekly celebrity gossip pages is full with  Brangelina because we all kinda wanna know what’s next! Adventurous, sexual, emotional, committed: Sounds good to me too!

Mirka and Roger Federer – They are probably Switzerlands sweetest couple! They’ve played tennis together, they grow up together, they started dating and are now married and parents of twins. Roger grew with her, she was the one coordinating his life, went to every single game. Today Roger Federer is the best player in the world. They’ve always been the same it seems, nothing has changed within all this time, all this success, all this money. Accept Mirka’s Style has changed THANK GOD!

Thinking about my fiance Tom i would say we are a good match. He’s got the blue eyes, i got the black ones, i think I’m smart but he’s smarter, he’s makes Music, i listen to it, he makes jokes, i laugh, I’m tall, he’s taller, I’m young, he’s older, he wants a wife like me and i want a husband like him 🙂

What is it that you think makes you and your partner a crazy-sexy-cool couple?


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