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Every morning, on my trip to the Global Grind offices, I prepare myself for the day with the press of a button. On my ipod, I already have Chris Brown‘s ‘In My Zone‘ mix tape queued up. If you don’t have that mixtape, you’re CRAZY! This is what I’ve been waiting for from him forever. He explores his sexual and free side with this mix tape, even letting a few curses slip through the cracks. I see him as a grown man, not the little boy with the dimples that danced his way into our hearts a couple years ago.

If you know me, you know I’ve been a Chris Brown fan from Day one. How could I not be? The man is talented! It goes all the way back to his first album for me, with songs like ‘Just Fine’, ‘Poppin’ and ‘Yo (Excuse Me Miss)’. It breaks my heart to hear that radio stations aren’t playing his music and stores aren’t selling his albums. If I could, I’d buy every cd they had in the back and get him some spins on the radio. But I can’t. What I can do is remind everybody why we should be supporting him instead of trying to break him down.

Here’s some of the songs I’m talking about, both from ‘Grafitti’ and ‘In My Zone’:



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