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Friend or Foe???

Its funny sometimes how blurred the lines between friends and enemies can sometimes be.  Growing up I was always very popular and never had problems engaging and becoming friends with anyone but as I grow older my attitude has somewhat shifted.  Maybe its society or maybe its my own life experiences but now when I meet and interact with different people I’m always wondering what there ulterior motives actually are…. Are you genuinely happy to meet me or am I just a means to an end??  When I was a child I use to always ask my mother why she didn’t have many friends and she would always answer, “If you can count your real friends on one hand your doing good for yourself” but my young and naïve mind could never understand what she was actually telling me because I had tons of “friends” it wasn’t until I grew a little older I was able to understand.   And now those truths are evident in my life and especially in the career path I’m embarking upon.   I’ve learned from my years in the music business that it’s all a façade. Everyone you meet is so excited and enthusiastic about your project but when it comes down to it the actually wont lift a finger to help. But they always have the perfect game plan and connects to “put you over the top.”  But as you weed through the majority its hard to find the select few who are actually willing to really put there best foot forward and help you succeed.   And that’s where the trust issue plays a major factor, in my situation I am an up coming artist who only has one chance to make an impact and be successful so how can I put all my cards in the hands of someone I barely know and feel confident they will do there all to see me become a successful artistThis thought alone keeps me up at night, but at the same time can u do it alone?? No, that’s impossible an artist is only as good as the team he surrounds himself with.  This is a paradox many artist deal with on a daily basis….


To dig a little deeper on the personal side, everyone is smiling faces and handshakes when I enter the room<span style='font-si