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Media personality Charlamagne Tha God has taken to his XXL blog to discuss imaginary players. Check out an excerpt of his latest post below:

I hate delusional people. Delusion is the reason that a lot of people can’t progress in life. Until you deal with the reality of your situation you will continue to exist in this make believe fantasy world that you have created for yourself. It’s a world where you are in control, where you feel comfortable, where no one can judge the stupid shit you do and if they do judge, they aren’t telling you the truth they’re “hating.”

In 2010 the Internet has become the epicenter of delusion…

People front on FaceBook, they thug on Twitter, everybody is fabulous, everybody is making major moves, everybody is getting to the money, having so much big fun and all I can do is sit back and say to myself is: The easiest person to deceive is yourself.

I personally know people who aren’t doing shit with their life. These are people that I care for as individuals, who I believe are talented but their fucked up mentalities and negative characters supersede their talent and makes me not have any dealings with them what so ever. You know what they say, the company we choose is always a reflection of our character so the people around me reflect who I am. Winners don’t hang out with losers, and if you are a winner surrounded by a bunch of losers, then the perception people will have of you is that you’re a loser too!