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21st Century living is awesome! Our world is so simplified and tidy, everything we need to keep ourselves entertained may be found in our pockets on our mobile devices: our music, our newspapers, our obsessions with other peoples’ lives and things. Which is why we love these three new apps for music, Craiglists and notifications. Read on to find out more.

What: Zimly

Made by: Zimly, Inc.

What It Does: Zimly is an alternative multimedia player app for Android devices.  Users can manage audio and video files while staring at a beautifully designed user interface. 

Platform: Android

Costs: Free

Available at: Android Market




Screenshot of Zimly, the Android based music player.


What:LifeLike Craig HD

Made by: LifeLike Apps, Inc.

What It Does:  If you think of Craigslist as an amusing yet scary mess, then this app is for you. It organizes the craziness that is the online classified site and allows you to experience it in a neat, orderly way. Note: you must be 17 years old to download this app. You know why. 

Platform:  iPad

Costs: $1.99

Available at: iTunes



Screenshot of a Craigslist ad on LifeLike.



Made by: Per Hajas and Kyle Adams

What It Does: MobileNotifier gives you alerts on top of running applications on your iPhone. The application is unobtrusive and not as pushy as Apple’s built in notification system, which is basically pop-ups. This app can only be used on jailbroken iphones, so if you need a reason to jaibreak and escape Apple’s system, then this is it. Best part of the app is the ability to ignore it and get on using the device. 

Platform:  iPhone

Costs: Free

Available at: Cydia.