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After being on tour with Alicia Keys, I have grown. I feel the experience helped me learn so much, especially about being on the road. I’ve admired Alicia’s career and music for so long and it was great to see how she does what she does. It was a really great lesson and a great example for me because I got to see how professional and classy and positive the tour was.

It helped me set a standard for the way things can be done and how to effect people positively with music all over the world. It was great just being in her presence. Everybody was so great around us, it was a real family environment and I was just really fortunate for the opportunity. I feel very honored to have opened for her and have supported her on the world tour.


The tour was also a great experience because of all the places I got to travel. I’ve been to Europe several times because I’ve had a lot of successful on my own out there but I went to several places that I had never been before like Barcelona, Spain, Portugal and Ireland as well as really cool smaller cities in France that I had never seen but have now become some of my favorite places. The experience just to travel and to meet new people is a priceless opportunity.

For me, this year I’m in between albums. I’m still going to be promoting The Bridge and I want to get out and do a personal tour across the states. I want to keep the music alive. I’m also working on my new album, and that’s really my focus is to make sure that I put a lot of good time, energy and experiences into this album to solidify who I am as an artist and let people know a little bit more about who I am as a person.

My music is about celebrating life. It’s about me not being afraid to say the things we all feel and say the things that we all go through, such as being vulnerable. I just always want people to feel that they have a refuge in my music and feel good when they listen to it.

-Melanie Fiona | follow me @melaniefiona

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