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Six months ago, one of the worst tragedies in human history occurred on the impoverished country of Haiti.

Six months ago, 230,000 to 300,000 people were killed in a magnitude-7 earthquake that left over 1.6 million people homeless.

Six months ago, people all around the world came together and raised over $3.1 billion in humanitarian aid to support the relief efforts in Haiti.

At that time, many of us were glued to our televisions and iPhones watching Anderson Cooper on CNN or horrific images on YouTube.

Six months later, it seems as if all the rubble and debris of Haiti has been pushed aside to heated discussions about how many championships the Miami Heat will win with LeBron James or about the final episode of MTV’s ‘The Hills.’

Six months later, the latest information on the relief efforts is absent from most mainstream media outlets and from conversations in barbershops or in coffee houses.


Six months later, there are few tangible results to turn to and hundreds of thousands of people still relying on plastic tarps for shelter.

However, like New Orleans after Katrina, the rebuilding efforts continue and we, as individuals and as a global community, must do all we can to ensure that the people of Haiti are receiving the adequate resources and attention to rebuild not only their homes, but also their lives.

Since the catastrophe, I have been truly inspired by the countless individuals across the country who have donated their time and money to helping the people of Haiti rebuild their homeland.

One person in particular who immediately caught my attention was an artist by the name of Christopher Laroche, a.k.a. “FREEDOM.’

Born and raised in Haiti, FREEDOM caught my attention because while many artists were doing all they could to raise visibility of the tragedy, FREEDOM was quietly spearheading his own Haitian relief organization SAVE HAITI TODAY ( to personally assist in the rebuilding efforts.

FREEDOM may not have been on the front cover of Time magazine or performing live on George Clooney’s relief telethon, but he was doing something just as important, he was instilling hope and love back into the hearts of his fellow Haitian brothers and sisters.


To continue raising awareness of the tragedy, FREEDOM is releasing a benefit single entitled, MOVE ON to encourage his country to keep moving forward despite the difficulties and challenges.

MOVE ON is now available everywhere and proceeds directly fund relief efforts on the ground.

For many of us, we know that music is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people and to inspire generations to actively get involved in changing the world.

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