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Young people, in 2008, came out in record numbers to vote for Barack Obama. Imagine if we did the same thing during the midterm election.

How different would this country look if we were to put forth that same effort for those candidates that represent our communities and districts? It’s important as young people that we know whose running, where they’re running and who they’re running against. So for the next 11 weeks Global Grind Politics will show you WHO’S ON DECK in November, why you should support them and how you can make real change in your community by voting for this candidate.

Tommy Sowers, 34 years old, is running for Congress in Missouri’s Eighth District, the home district to our good friend, Rush Limbuagh aka The Penguin.  Sowers was born and raised in the district and is planning on taking on a huge challenge this November. A jack of all trades would be the best way to describe Sowers, he taught American Politics and Mass Media and politics at West Point, he served two tours in Iraq and was assigned and lead the 1st Infantry Division of Combat Engineers into Kosovo.


A teacher, soldier, leader, and soon to be doctor, as he will receive PhD in government. So why are we putting our support behind Sowers? Simple, as lifelong member of his community, Sowers has seen his district ravaged by the economy, an infrastructure that has been almost wiped out and jobs nearly completely gone.

Missouri’s eight district is eighth poorest in the country and continues to lose jobs. What separates Sowers from other candidates is that he has the leadership qualities that others don’t and when you’re a leader you need a plan, because without a plan you won’t succeed. So what’s Sowers plan?

The most important issues effecting most Americans, jobs. Creating jobs for his community is one of his main parts of his agenda, rebuilding a broken system, no more bailouts and reforming the financial system so it benefits all and not just the rich.

A young progressive willing and wanting change in his community and is not going to bend to any special interest, Tommy Sowers is the man for Missouri’s eight district. To learn more about Sowers, check him out at

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