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We here at the Global Grind offices listen to a lot of music. So much that it’s sometimes hard to keep track and process it all. A lot of times we only get to listen to a song once. Certain songs, though, we can’t help but repeat over and over – they’re just that good. In this new daily feature, we will be breaking down the day in music by the number of times we listened to a track. ‘5‘ is the track that had us go back and rewind more than once, the musical highlight of our day. ‘1′ is for the song we listened to once and then not at all, which may or may not be a bad thing.

Today there were quite a few leaks from an array of artists. Here are our most and least favorite.

5. Mr. Hudson — ‘Angel Eyes’

Good Music’s funky soul man turns out one of his better tracks we’ve heard from him. It’s a slinky, slow burning blues, funky enough to move a neck, olemn enough to keep us still, and good enough to keep us listening over and over again.

Mr Hudson – Angel Eyes


4. Jamiroquai — ‘White Knuckles Ride’


It is never a bad thing when Jamiroquai comes out with a new song, because unlike rappers who like to release unreleased music, these guys release music to say the’re coming out with an album soon. ‘White Knuckle Ride’ is the first single from the band’s eighth album, Rock Dust Light Star, in stores and online in November.

Jamiroquai – White Knuckle Ride (10′)




3. Kendrick Lamar — ‘Average Joe’

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