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It’s always a trip when we find out what millionaires and billionaires do with their money. Some buy extravagant gifts for themselves, most invest in passion projects and some just like to splurge. This brings us to Virgin Group chairman and billionaire, Richard Branson, whose latest project is going down—literally. 

Sir Richard Branson unveiled his Virgin Oceanic submarine which will take him to the deepest trenches of the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern and Arctic Oceans. If Branson accomplishes his proposed adventures he will likely break at least 30 Guinness world records, including the five deepest dives in history.

When you have the money, the sky’s the limit on what you are able to do. These celebs are blowing money fast and balling out. Take a look at a couple of other celebs balling out of control with their billions and millions.


RiRi Loves Monroe

Rihanna loves Marilyn Monroe, the material girl, so much she placed an order with London company Gemstone Creative for a custom made portrait. No one knows the cost of the portrait, but experts say it cost upward of $75,000.


Brad’s Bike

Angelina Jolie gave hubby Brad Pitt a $100,000 custom-made motorbike.


Lamar’s Ride

After winning an NBA championship Khloe Kardashian Odom bought her LA Lakers hubby Lamar a white Rolls Royce valued at $400,000.


The Nerd With The Blackberry

BlackBerrys and manbags, Pharrell Williams has an 18-carat, solid gold BlackBerry and at one time bought a custom-made, $67,000 purple/pink Hermes travel manbag.


Island Living

You know you’re baller-ific when you own your own private island. Johnny Depp spent $3.6 million on an island near the Bahamas. FYI, you can only get it to by plane, boat, or helicopter.


50 Ferrari

Fiddy owns a Ferrari Enzo priced at about $1 Million.