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Microphone Check Mac & Cheese, Money Hungry Collard Greens, Ballin Barbacue Roast Turkey. It’s music and crack — not food — rappers talk about when they rhyme about cookin’ in the kitchen or in the studio, right? So what’s with rappers cooking food?

We guess you can’t spend your whole life in your mom’s basement, or in dirty backpacks spittin’ rhymes in cyphers while drinking quarter waters and Robotussin. So it’s appropriate that in its 30th something year, hip-hop grows up and heads to the kitchen for reals.

Rappers like Action Bronson, Fat Joe and Sadat X are up en la cocina getting grease stains on their kicks, choppin’ up onions. Brand Nubian’s Sadat X graduated from drinking Hennessey to sippin reds, comparing and contrasting Jolly Rancher flavors with the woodsy palate of a Gato Negro red.

Bronson, the new kid on the block from Flushing Queens, not only sounds like Ghostface when he rhymes, he also beasts in the kitchen, serving up frittata recipes and onion dicing techniques on YouTube. Joey Crack is looking to crack some eggs in a rumored Food Network TV show months after launching a chain of Caribbean-themed restaurants.

Yezzsur, hip-hop’s s got a brand new flava that sounds good as well as tastes great! It’s been a long time coming.

After the break check out some of our favorites rappers and chefs who rap, as they cook and wax poetic about the culinary arts.


Action Bronson is a beast in the kitchen. In the episode above, he cooks spaghetti and shrimp. In the video below, he kills it on SHIRAZ.


“True Wine Connoisseur” stars Brand Nubian’s Sadat X and Will Tell. The duo discuss the best wine for the buck and how you can get twisted off the grape.


Chef Chardon, The Original Hip-Hop Chef.


The hip-hop chef Cookin Tye will cut a bish if you use his name. Microphone Check Mac & Cheese, Money Hungry Collard Greens, Ballin Barbacue Roast Turkey are his specialties. The name, Cooking Tyrone The Hip-Hop Chef, is trademarked.