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Today we found out that Glenn Beck is leaving his show on Fox News, Obama’s golfing buddy was busted and Ryan Seacrest is banking millions.

Better Than Fiction

Character: Glenn Beck

Plot Line: Glenn Beck is bouncing from his daily show. Beck confirmed the news to his faithful audience on Wednesday night telling them, “I am going to leave this program later this year, but I am not leaving Fox.” Wow, who ever thought this day would come?


Take It In The Ring

Contenders: Barack Obama vs. Republicans

Match: With time growing short, President Barack Obama said Wednesday night that he remains confident that a government shutdown can be avoided this weekend. This is if negotiators can build on constructive talks held at the White House.


Money On My Mind

Whose Wallet: Ryan Seacrest

Weight: $55 Million

How They Hustled: Ryan Seacrest is balling. He banks an estimated $55 million this year, thanks to a radio contract with Clear Channel, deals with NBC, E! channel, Pepsi and other partnerships.


GlobalGrind’s Global Mind

Where: Honolulu

What Happened: The Honolulu Police Department confirmed that one of President Barack Obama’s closest friends, Bobby Titcomb, 49, was arrested Monday in connection with a prostitution sting case. Titcomb was Punahou School classmate of Obama.


Shame On You

Who: Eugene Ashley

Where: Georgia

What: Eugene Ashley was let off with a slap on the wrist after pleading guilty to tattooing his 3-year-old son. A judge in Floyd County, Ga., ruled on Monday that Ashley must pay $300 and serve 12 months probation for giving his son a tattoo on his shoulder that said “DB” – short for “Daddy’s Boy” – in 2009.


Numbers Game

Number: 3

Where: F.B.I.

What: 3 new FBI files detailing the agency’s investigation into the 1997 shooting death of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace have been released to the public. 


This Day In History

Year: 1994

What: Rwandan armed forces kill 10 Belgian peacekeeping officers in a successful effort to discourage international intervention in their genocide that had begun only hours earlier.