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It’s time for iGRIND again and you won’t believe what awaits here today. For all our fitness fans, we found an amazing app that’ll help calorie counting and healthy eating a bit easier. Then there are the Joulies, little metal helpers that keep your coffee just as hot as you want it. Last but not least, we’ll let you set your eyes on a new beauty from Hyundai. Their new concept sedan is jaw dropping. Continue through to the next few pages and see it all.

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What: Meal Snap

Made By: Daily Burn, Inc.

What It Does: Meal Snap captures images of meals, lets you add a caption, auto-magically detects its nutritional breakdown and keeps track of your meals and progress over time.

Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. (iOS 4.0 or later)

Cost: $2.99, get it on iTunes.


Meal Snap Screenshot.


Take a look at that metal, coffee bean shaped thing inside the mug. That’s a Joulie, a coffee warmer, a small technological advance that keeps your coffee at 140 degrees. Gone are the days of burned tongues and unintentional iced coffee.

How does it work? Each Joulie is filled with a phase-change material that melts at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. They absorb heat from your coffee until they reach 140 degrees and then emits the heat. The object is to put enough Joulies in your drink to maintain your desired coffee temp (using an insulated cup makes it easier) long enough for you to enjoy it. This little invention is just getting off the ground, but it’s gaining popularity quickly.


Metal Joulie Coffee Beans.


Hyundai’s newest concept car, the Blue2 (Blue Square), is a hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). It was unveiled at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show boasting an electric motor with a fuel economy of 82.1mpg. It’s intended as the blue print for Hyundai’s future sedans.

Even the tailpipe of this FCEV is clean, emitting water vapor. Inside, Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (TOLED) monitor and ultra-light tempered Gorilla Glass. A Motion Sensor Moustick that resounds to the driver’s touch and movements allow you to operate the infotainment system. Oh, and there’s an ionizer that freshens the air in the car.


LED screen panels at the front and rear of this clean ride show off messages, like “bad,” about it. The side view mirrors on the car consist of cameras; there’s also a camera on its roof. The Blue2 has a welcome system that recognizes its driver and opens the doors for him or her to get in and enjoy the wide, antibacterial, leather seats.

Is this as exciting to you as it is to us?