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Clearly we have now all seen the incredible shrinking power of former size 16 singer/actress Jennifer Hudson. It almost seems like she’s losing weight right before our eyes, showing up on each red carpet thinner than the last.

Hudson recently revealed to Oprah exactly how much weight she’s lost. “80 pounds” she said through a smile, followed by Winfrey echoing the magic number and roars from the crowd.

Let’s put a wait on the weight loss to ask, what about the old Jennifer?


Being curvy in Hollywood (and not “Rihanna on the cover of Vogue curvy.” Actually curvy.) is a rarity, so these starlets become a voice for the not so “average” female. Publicly embracing their body image creates a fan base and builds off the idea that these women accept who they are.

Weight loss is always an accomplishment, especially if health risks are the motivation. But what happens when en route to a healthier lifestyle, they realize skinny has more fun and all of a sudden they’re the reflection of a different crowd?


After shedding the pounds and never looking back, we have to wonder if these women were ever happy at their original weight. Was the confidence they exuded ever genuine or were they left with no choice but to accept their image? Imagine Monique goes from taking the cover of a magazine that headlines “How to Dress the Best for Your Size” to “How to Look Sexy When You Just Lost 150 pounds.”

This is not to imply that weight losers are sellouts, or that it’s better to stay at an unhealthy weight so that you’ll always be the likable big person in the room. Women deserve someone who can honestly embrace their body and not in the Jennifer Lopez way. Not to embrace it temporarily while they are on the come up, but show women that you can have body and not have to lose weight to feel amazing.