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With a million plus videos posted on YouTube a day, it’s hard to discover what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s trending. So we here at GlobalGrind decided to round up the most hilarious, outrageous, and amazingly trendastic videos right to your computer screen.

The best YouTube video of the day has to go to a hilarious mash up that Jimmy Kimmel produced about Charlie Sheen. Jimmy Kimmel made a video of Charlie Brown being Charlie Sheen, which is absolutely funny!

We’ve brought you more hilarious videos so take a look at the other terrifically trendastic videos on the following few pages!


Rosario Dawson grabs Paul Rudd’s man package at the Spirit Awards.


Brooklyn reporter breaks up fight in the middle of reporting a story.


Guy rubs his hands until they catch on fire.


101 Justin Bieber fans sing ‘Never Say Never.’

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