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(Apple’s Steve Jobs At iPad2 Media Event at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts in San Francisco).

UPDATE: The Ipad2 is official! Apple CEO Steve jobs made the announcement, confirming all the rumors. Below, find all the specs as they were rumored.

Apple fans, and GlobalGrind, are waiting in anticipation of the Apple media event which will launch today at 10am, Pacific Time.

PHOTOS: iPad2 Gets A Sequel

Will this year’s media  event let everyone in on the big, open secret: the launch of the iPad 2? 

For months rumors have been flying from Taiwan to Bushwick about the popular tablet’s sequel, whether it will have a camera, be slimmer and faster and support USB. In just a few hours you, dear stans, will know what the deal is.

Here’s what the rumor mill has been spinning about the near mythical iPad 2:

It will have two cameras, one in front and one in back. Confirmed.

Mobile video conferencing is a go! You can Face Time from iPad to iPhone 4.

It may have a hi-res retina display. Confirmed

It may have PhotoBooth for iPad.

The Wall Street Journal reported that it may be thinner and lighter. Confirmed

The device may have a dedicated SD card slot, making photographers really, really, really happy.

Speakers and sound would be improved. Confirmed

The iPad2 will be flatter. Confirmed

It will come in white. (We’re still waiting on a white iPhone 4g). Confirmed

And Apple has killed MobileMe, the subscription based collection of Apple software for Macs, iPhones and PCs which means that storage and applications may be cloud based. 

So what to expect? Watch these pages.

After the break, check out the new iPad 2 features as well as some renders of the device before it was unveiled..


iPad 2 promises to be twice as fast as its predecessor.


Video conferencing is now available.


A new cover that both cleans as well as shuts