The Daily Grind Video

Hello again Global Grinders this week has been super tiring! Everything from planning parties (MI-VI in gulfstream park aventura) to helping S-n-S new artist 13 year old Teenear (@pooh321b) with her new hot tracks. But in a personal note Im just here in bed, finally thinking of the one person who I never thought would be on my mind! I know most of you saw my video on world star hip hop cursing out my father Luke for never being there and I honestly do know what I did was wrong. But then again everything I said was absolutely true! I’m not sure if me and my biological father will ever come to terms again because he was wrong for things he did to me and my siblings. The only way I would be able to come to terms with him is if he shows me that he can be a man and a father to his kids. But you know what they say you can’t get everything you wish for. That being said I thank God for my Step Dad well Dad…


without his guidance and his over protectiveness and his loyalty to myself and my brother I don’t know where I would be today. He’s taught me everything I know I watch him grind with his record company ‘slip-n-slide records’ and I see his passion for it and it’s like basketball it’s an art and if you watch it and study it enough you’ll initially become the best at it! But all that being said I love that guy as for Luke I’m not quite sure of my feelings for him as of yet because I’ve never had any emotion from him. Anyways till next time grinders.


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