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Dear Kat Stacks,
From one hussy to another, I get you. I see what you’re doing and I cosign the fact that you just want to air out some dirty laundry. Trust me, we’ve all done it. I remember my college years hungover over as hell every Sunday in the dining hall getting my brunch on when myself and the other hussies would dish on last night conquests. We’d discuss his size, or lack thereof, his technique, style and all the freaky ish that went down. Sure, the men we’ve been with only paid us in liquor, maybe dinner, and they certainly weren’t A-listers that you’ve been hitting, but still, it’s typical of someone at your young age to want all that attention.

Now that we’re on the same page, I have one request. When you get on your next video ready to blow up another rapper’s spot, please, PLEASE, have some solid, physical proof. Seriously! You’ve got apartment addresses and alleged phone numbers, but we need more. Pictures, video footage, details of tats the general public never gets to see – anything. We need more than details of their dirty ass carpeting and how long they lasted.


Take notes form the hussies that came before you. Prime example, Monica Lewinsky – that hussy had the stains to prove it. Even celebrity hussies like Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton had the indecency to get on video and film their freaky business. Kat, are you telling me you can’t get these sex fueled rappers on film for a quickie?! And here I thought you had game.

This weekend’s disaster doesn’t speak so well to your character. If you’re going to be a hussy, make sure you don’t get played out to be a liar as well. No one likes a lying hussy!  That wasn’t Jay Rock you had a threesome with, it was his buddy pretending to be him and you got played. And yes, that WAS Nelly on the phone. Maybe you should take this weekend to stay in and study your favorite rap stars. Study their faces and their voices because you’re going to need this information in the future.


I wish you well, Kat. And I, like the rest of the media hungry public, am waiting for your next video. A sex tape with my favorite rapper, perhaps? I have faith that one day soon you will give us just what we want. Until then, your fellow hussies are awaiting your media success or fall from popularity.


Global Grind

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