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The Republican Governors Association has released a new web ad attacking President Barack Obama whose theme borrows heavily from a story glorifying domestic political terrorism.

This past weekend, the GOP group unveiled the website that gleans graciously from the symbolism of Guy Fawkes, the early 17th Century British radical who attempted to blow up the House of Parliament and kill King James I. In the RGA video, of course, Obama is cast in the role of King James and the Republican Party adopts the Fawkes cause.

The ad isn’t explicitly or implicitly promoting the adaptation of political terrorism, just borrowing from a story that lionizes it (Fawkes was introduced to modern audiences in the film ‘V for Vendetta’ and popularized, politically, by the backers of then presidential candidate Ron Paul).

Nevertheless, the video reflects a willingness of Republicans to push the line when it comes to tapping into the anti-government populism sweeping the country.