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COLOR is something that normally evokes emotion or a mood. IE. RED is known to be hot and sexy. YELLOW deems happiness. etc. But what happens when we look at it from a different perspective… as in, ‘the skin pigmentation of a person’.

Reaching out to two of the largest females co-STARS (in music videos) Bria Myles and Brittany Dailey set the tone quite differently on what and how things are perceived in the entertainment industry.

Bria Myles:

How do you think dark skin models are viewed in the modeling industry?

I think dark skin models are viewed as less desirable than a light skin model. We are only picked for a video or a gig if the artist ask. If not, they’re going to go with a light skin model and now, more than ever, Spanish and European models are getting picked over black women in general.


Do you feel that there is an equal amount of dark skin models than that of light skin models in the modeling industry as well as in music video?

Yes, but do they get the same shine as light skin models. NO. I could name a few dark skin models that I feel are just as pretty as the light skin and Latin models. Yeah she may get a magazine or 2 and be in a few videos(maybe even more than a light skin girl) but she still gets over looked because to the average person there’s nothing special about her. But that’s definitely not the case.



Do you feel that you are treated differently than light skin models?

Yes, do you think you will ever see me as the lead in a P.Diddy video or an Usher video even though both of them have (in Usher’s case had) a dark skin woman as their significant other. Its pretty sad. Robin Thicke has more dark skin women in his videos than most of the black artist LOL. We have the T-Pain’s, Anthony Hamilton’s and Dwele’s that mostly always use a dark skin woman in their videos.

The parts the most dark skin women play in videos are the ghetto girl, or the girl dancing etc. Light skin women get the parts of the love interest almost always. //Now I’m not saying to switch it up and start treating light skin girls how dark skin girls have been treated. I just want it to be fair and equal. If you can put 3 light skin girls in the same video, then why can’t you do the same for dark skin girls? Stop with the 1 token dark skin girl…


Who do you think we should blame… editors, directors, or the media?

Honestly blame Willie Lynch, and then blame ourselves for not being smart enough to overcome something that was taught to us over a century ago… If you’ve read the Willie Lynch letter then you will understand why black people operate the way they do. I think its time for us to break the cycle and start loving our race and practicing unity 😉


Brittany Dailey:

Do you think as a light skin model, you are treated better than da

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