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If you think that being able to pop out a pair of headphones from a vending machine is dope, you are clearly underwhelmed.  The right vending machine at the right time can provide a thirst quenching relief like diving into an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Condom machines in the bathroom of a seedy singles bar, porn vending machine on a subway station after a failed one-night-stand, hot food vending machine to pass by while stumbling home at 3 A.M. after a night of drinking are all trivial but much appreciated modern necessities.  Vending machines don’t have to stop at gum, candy and tampons, check out the fascinating items that innovators saw fit to make available at your convenience!

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Graffiti Supply Vending Machine

Graffomat will be dispensing essential graffiti gear from head to toe. Bring your imagination and a watchman and stop by at the Graffomat to stock up on spray paint, markers, and even ski masks.  Of course city officials will be opposing this machine, but the 24 hour vending machine located in convenient and accessible spots will be key in facilitating the modern bomber on-the-go and for all others who may have been curious about how to leave one’s mark on the streets.


Solar Powered Sun Screen Spray on Vending Machine

This machine uses solar energy to power the service of spraying on sunscreen before going out to play in the sun. What a refreshing way to promote renewable energy and also reflect on how nature not only fuels us but can protect us!


Used Schoolgirl Panties Vending Machine

Japanese School girl fetish was so popular that the used panties of those girls were carefully packaged and then sold to ‘interesting’ men all over Japan.  Previously the panties were matched with pictures of the girls who had worn them.

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