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Nothing but good can come from a Kanye/ Drake collaboration. Anxious to get some buzz around new music here are two snippets featuring both rap super stars. Although the snippets only offer you a taste, they definitely signify that there is good stuff to come from these two.

The first track snippet, ‘Ghetto University,’ presumably will be on Kanye’s soon to be released album (which is currently undergoing a name change) and doesn’t feature much Kanye (beyond the production obviously) but you do catch the beginning of Drake’s verse which comes on with vengeance. If it seems like you have heard this track before you’re right West played a few seconds of what was known as ‘All Of The Lights’ on Ustream. He apparently forgot to mention Drake may appear on it. This is looking like it maybe the next single from West.

The second track is kind of on the slow side titled ‘On My Way’ produced by Kanye and is rumored to be featured on Drake’s R&B mixtape. It sounds like a typical Drake song and it’s got a sexy side to it, definitely something you can ‘relax’ to.



Kanye West-Ghetto University


Drake-On My Way-