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Kanye West has had one of the most controversial careers in all of Hip Hop. From his humble beginnings as a producer for Roc-a-fella Records and his near fatal automobile accident, to his brazen remarks about President Bush and the untimely death of his mother, Kanye has had a lot to deal with. And that’s an understatement. Nevertheless he continued all the while to give us some of the greatest music to ever top the Hip Hop music charts. And just when the dust began to settle and he was finally enjoying all of what it means to be on top, another seemingly major debacle came in the form of the MTV Music Awards. On that infamous eve, Kanye thrust himself on stage during the acceptance speech of young teenage heartthrob Taylor Swift, robbing her of her chance to accept her first ever MTV Music Award. Messy couldn’t come close to describing the public reaction. Kanye had done it again.  He let his pure heart and love of his craft get him into trouble by speaking what everyone else felt inside but couldn’t say.  Once again he spoke out against what he thought was wrong and it landed him in the hot seat.  Was his career finally over as many suggested?  Would he ever be able to come back from such a staggering blow?  None of these questions were answered as it seemed that Kanye all but disappeared.  Unbeknownst to us all, Kanye had gone back to the lab.  The single most place where he is the most comfortable. And it is there that he put together one of the best albums that he has ever created…My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  He has given us his heart and soul once again to produce an amazing masterpiece that delivers from beginning to end.  Together with an all-star team of hip hop heavyweights and heart-pounding musical arrangements, Kanye has emerged as a hero.  A savior to the masses in this time of dull and copycat creativity that is passing as good music.  Selling over 100,000 copies on it’s first day of release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is poised to become one of the biggest releases of 2010.  Now ask yourself.  After all that Kanye has been through, who can be stronger?