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Strictly expressing my feelings as unbiassed as possible!

It’s funny how when Kayne West first hit the scene he was a talented GOOD rapper, mildly intriguing, and some people were on the fence 50/50 about did they want to know more about him (I know I was)

Then he became seemingly full of himself; not a humble bone in his body to one of America’s most hated and for what?! For speaking what he considered to be the truth? HIS TRUTH?! 

Kayne to me and those like me is simply a misunderstood ARTIST and with that being said he in turn is the last of the Mohicans but he must understand that he traded in being a regular every day joe to being this greatly over zealous Artist.

When you’re in entertainment you must play by different rules….

I am NOT mad at Kayne for speaking for us little people because he once was a little person! Granted the Taylor Swift situation was very unfounded and extremely rude and mama always said, ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ but in his case it was sheer entertainment by an entertainer! At an ‘awards show’ why so uptight people? He apologized time and time again what else do the people who hate him want? 

Yes, sometimes sorry isn’t enough but who was really harmed in that situation Taylor came off on top because people viewed her as a victim and those who had no clue of her existence now knew who she was because of Kayne! I’m not condoning his actions but I must reiterate it’s Entertainment!

Now the George Bush incident is on a totally different scale; a much more important scale but all people can talk about is the VMA’s incident that happened over a year ago.

When things become too real people seem to over look them. Everyone with half a brain could see when Kayne West said ‘George Bush does NOT care about black people’ he said that and meant that with every fiber of his being! Not for publicity or to cause a commotion. One could tell he meant it, he felt it, and truly believed it within his heart! He’s voice trembled sightly at the pronunciation of each word and they just came out of his mouth like an over flowing toilet. The proof was looking him right in his face and he expressed that!

Yet again he apologized….

Now I have an issue with Kayne apologizing for that statement because he’s apologizing for his feelings (the one thing he owns outright) I read some where ‘Never apologize for your feelings because you’d be apologizing for the truth’. Those were Kayne’s true feelings and he should NEVER apologize for that! He said what millions of americans were thinking!!

I personally went from being on the fence, to not liking Kayne, to now appreciating and loving wholeheartedly the ARTIST that he his because there is few to none like him! One should hope that this man and any man for that matter becomes so overly confident in himself that he choses to be ‘HATED FOR WHO HE IS; RATHER THAN LOVED FOR WHO HE IS NOT!’