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Even Bristol is Afraid of Sarah Palin‘s repugnance.  Palin’s daughter Bristol announced her engagement through the media intead of speaking to her mother directly.  In the current issue of US Weekly, Bristol and Levi Johnston open up about why they hid the engagement from venomous Sarah, the mother-in-law-to-be who has once called the infant son Trig ‘retarded’ in regards to his Down syndrome.  Tactfulness has never been one of Sarah’s strengths, and she continued to use defamatory language by calling Levi ‘Ricky Hollywood’, ‘aspiring porn star’ and cursed his attempt at a career during an interview with Oprah.

Every political opportunity with room for asinine remarks is guaranteed to be punctuated with the cheeky twang of Sarah Palin.  Like clockwork, Sarah Palin came to the defense of the Tea Party movement last night after the NAACP passed a resolution against racism. NAACP’s resolution calls for ‘all people of good will to repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties, and to stand in opposition to its drive to push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.’

Sadly enough, she had to write notes on her hand to deliver the speech as she is suffering from a career developmental disability of her own.  Sarah Palin constantly hides behind her exaggerated image to disguise her fatuous understanding of real issues.  While it is certainly believable that her stance on issues are as temporaneous and vacuous as portrayed by the media, she continues to rely on her sensationalist avatar to compensate for her complete lack of cogent ideas and failure in contributing to an intelligible public discourse.


It’s no surprise that Sarah Palin put her foot in her mouth again.  On Facebook, she wrote that ‘I am saddened by the NAACP’s claim that patriotic Americans who stand up for the United States of America’s Constitutional rights are somehow ‘racists’.  The charge that Tea Party Americans judge people by the color of their skin is false, appalling, and is a regressive and diversionary tactic to change the subject at hand.’ Sarah, we believe that this is exactly the subject at hand.  No matter what the official policy is for the Tea Party, there are some indisputable facts to be addressed.  In downtown Mason City, Iowa the Tea Party erected a billboard comparing President Obama to Hitler and Lenin.

Mark Williams, the chairman of the Tea Party Express also claims that ‘Muslims are animals… and violent jihadists’ in response to a mosque which he refers to as a ‘temple to animals’ being built next to ground zero.  When asked about how fair it is to group all Muslims as terrorist extremists, he replies with ‘was every Nazi stuffing jews to the oven?’ insisting on painting an entire group of people with one characteristic, which is the basic credo of racism.

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