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Graffiti plus romance? Help me I’m drowning in love.  This has to be the cutest proposal ever and it definitely comes with a blinger on the finger.  Artist Ack! and producer Pr!mo from Shoot Edit Sleep get together for this little project for Justin and Shannon. All it requires is a blank wall, some spray paint, and a girlfriend you want to propose to.

It’s crazy to experience the creation of a perfect set-up to go with one of the most life-altering questions, ‘Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?’  While most proposals come with flowers, champagne, or whatever extraneous props a man needs to tip the scale in their favor, this rendition is no-frills all-love.  It is touching to see a piece of work come alive from nothing, kind of like watching a relationship grow.  As Ack! outlines the piece and the message becomes clearer, we experience the roller-coastering nerves of the ordeal as it progresses. 



With people breaking up left and right, the Dream cheating on Christina and Heidi & Spencer forever-not, it’s nice to have a few minutes of sap that makes us go ‘aww’.  We already know that some dudes might dismiss this as sappy-girl-crap, but we love watching pandas eat ice cream or cute kittens rolling around because we can suspend our cynicism for a moment and remember a feeling of innocence.  As pessimistic as we can be, there is probably no doubt in either person’s mind during a proposal about it being ‘in sickness and in health til’ death do us part’. 

A shy little boy dressed in a tux with emo-hair offers a giant cut of diamond-sparkling-love, and kneels down for the most sublime moment in his life.  Pick up the aerosol can and check off ‘yes’!

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