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Michael Jackson is one of the first real pop stars that I ever was really influenced by at a young age. From the age of three I had all his t-shirts, buttons and hats and everything that was affiliated with him. I just knew that I loved his music and I loved the way he moved. He seemed like a very likeable person and almost sensitive in a way that was appealing to me as a kid. I used to love listening to his music and I used to love playing his vinyls on my Mom’s record player and scratching them up and getting in trouble. 

As I grew older and became an artist, I loved celebrating his music. I love being able to appreciate what he was able to do as an artist. He paved the way for artists like myself. He inspires me not just as an artist but definitely as a humanitarian. I feel like he gave so much back from his music to the world and he stood for so many positive causes. 



Michael Jackson really just wanted to do something positive through his music and that’s an inspiration to me. For him to have such a strength in his talent and use it for good helped him to create a legacy that people celebrate even until now, even beyond his death. 

Looking back at my favorite Michael Jackson moment, I used to love the Thriller song but it used to terrify me as a kid. My brother would actually scare me because he would dress up as the scary Michael Jackson, turn off all the lights in the basement and put on Thriller and scare me. It’s one of my funniest childhood memories, I just love that Michael Jackson song. That record has good memories for me as a kid.

Michael Jackson is an inspiration for all artists. I want to strive to have people celebrate the music long beyond being here and making the music.

-Melanie | follow me @melaniefiona

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