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The worst thing a female can ever experience is the feeling of embarrassment after hearing from a friend that someone else has the same dress on as her at an event. Although that has never ever happened to me (knocking on wood), it has happened to a good friend of mine at prom-the one and only party where the dress matters the most! 

Fortunately, the fashion world offers females as well as males an enormous array of choices so any fashion faux pas can be avoided. Now, you would think that in Hollywood, with all that money and professional stylists who are paid do one job and one job only- that is to buy apparel for clients, the fashion faux pas of wearing the same clothes would not even be an issue. Think again! These are some celebrities who are the epitome of the ‘who looked better in it’ situation.

If I were them, someone (meaning my stylists) would definitely be getting fired for sure because wearing the same dress as someone else should never happen, ever!  ~Special thanks to the Hollywood gossip for some of the pics

It can definitely be disputed whether or not Kim Kardashian’s style is original. In this dress face off, Kim Kardashian takes it hands down. She not only wore dress first for her shoe dazzle promotional event, she also designed it! Looks way better on her then J-Woww, reality star from Jersey Shore, who’s been said to look a lot like Kim K. This piece is a part of the Kardashians by Bebe Collection. Kim= 1    J-Woww= 0


The black gown was first worn by Courtney Cox Arquette in January, but it seems to fit Simon Cowells fiancée, Mezhgan Hussainy a little bit nicer while attending Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party. 


The Balmain’s sharp shouldered sequin mini is flawlessly shown off by these two gorgeous ladies. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively wore the mini to a post-Emmy party last August. I am not taking anything away from Ms. Lively, because she does look spectacular, but I, being a true Alicia Keys fan, love the way her sun-kissed skin looks against the sequin material when she wore it for the Brit Awards last month. 


Now this picture is extremely embarrassing! We all know that these sisters have enough money to buy their own clothes without sharing but I guess the recession did not spare anyone. Both Kimberly Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Kardashian wore the SAME black one shoulder dress from their Bebe Collection at two different events. Of course, Kim looks better, sorry Kourt. Kim= 2   Kourtney= 0


Ok. We can all see that Blake Lively and Jennifer Hudson have waaaaaaaaayyy two different body

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