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Are the police still beating people up? I guess they are. In a recent video 2 NYPD police officers were video taped beating up a hand cuffed suspect in the Bronx on Jan 5.

We can’t continue to put ourselves in these situations, it just gives the Police a reason to whoop on us. Believe me, I am no fan of the NYPD or law enforcement in general. I’ve realized throughout my years that I have a real problem with authority, its a slow process, but as I get older I’m learning to tolerate police and law enforcement alike.  I understand they are people just like me, hard working, doing their jobs, feeding their families and I know they are definitely needed in society to provide some order or control. Now don’t get it twisted I tolerate the police but I don’t respect them, to me respect is something that should be earned and not given automatically, it should be based on performance. The truth is some officers are respectful, but most of them aren’t. But when you strap a badge and a gun on to someone for some reason the rules of the game change. Now growing up in Harlem I’ve seen plenty of my family and friends peddled off to jail and It’s not a pretty site and when officers use excessive force and abuse their power it angers me as it should. But to all my young brothers out there it’s important to learn the rules of the game when confronted by police. You have to know what your getting into when dealing with the police, know your constitutional rights. Knowing your rights means refusing to concede. So peep some facts you need to know and should know when you get arrested.

1) Always ask to see a lawyer.

2) Don’t resist, run, touch, argue, threaten with the police.

3) Don’t agree to any search. If they say they have a warrant get a copy and don’t interfere with the search.

4) If you get arrested always ask what you are being charged with.

5) Always ask if you are under arrest, if you’re not, leave or ask if you can leave, then contact a criminal defense attorney.

6) The only question you should answer is your name and address. Don’t say anything that they may later use against you.

7) Don’t be afraid, stay relaxed and stay calm.

8) Other than your name and address, stay QUIET!. Anything you say can be used against you in court.

9) Always remember that the police are trained to get information out of you, they will mislead, lie, trick or even ask you the same question over and over again to aggravate you.

10) If you ever encounter the police doing something wrong I urge you to pull out your phone and take pictures or video them.