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Hello Hello Global Grindivas!

Being in the industry I’ve had the chance to meet and interact with many different types of men.  I’ve come to realize that they pretty much fall into one of two categories.  Either he’s a Cat or a Lion.  It is important to understand that it’s not our goal to meet a man and try to change him.  The fun in a relationship comes from having two WHOLE people that compliment each other and still function apart.  Your chances for happiness chances will increase if you choose a guy who suits your needs and your lifestyle.

My first boyfriend was a cat, there is no other way to describe it.  He was prim and proper always clean cut and well dressed, hell he primped in the mirror more than I did!  The upside to dating such an appearance conscious man was that I NEVER had to worry about being embarrassed by his clothing or behavior.  


The downside?  He was just what you imagine a cat to be.  He always needed attention, was easy to control, and I might as well say he was a pushover.  At one point when we were arguing over who was going to kill a spider I realized that cat’s aren’t the ‘manliest’ men in the world!  They can love you just as good as any but if you’re looking for that lumberjack type to chop down your front door, unclog the toilet, or change the oil in your car, you’re better off choosing a Lion type of man.  But just like the animal ladies they both like to have their backs scratched and a kind word of approval when they do good.

Now ‘Lion men’ aren’t as classy or refined as cats.  If you go to a nice restaurant he isn’t going to appreciate or understand why the dishes match or think that the lighting is romantic.  He’ll be happy because you’re happy so please don’t expect much more from him.  


This type of man is also very loyal not only to you but to his friends.  He is going to need his ‘guy time’ and he probably wont do anything more than sit around his xbox or PS3 and talk trash with his boys but as a normal part of life he needs ‘man-time’.  The one mistake that we make is in trying to take this time away from our men.  It may seem hard to comprehend at first ladies but think of it this way.  We can sit for hours in nail and hair salons, we can spend eons at the MAC counter comparing glittering pink to candy red and to us this is ‘fun’.  If your man’s idea of fun is a 4 hour Madden Tournament, let him have it.  He will appreciate you more for understanding than for nagging him about it.

Drew Sidora