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It seems to me that Brit Hume of Fox News is chasing the right wing money. Brit Hume is the senior Political Analyst for Fox News. We all know when you tune into Fox News you get the slight to the right wing lean and that’s the way it is ‘Fare and Balanced’. As of lately when I watch Fox News, and yes I do watch it because first, gotta see what the other side is up to and second its entertainment like watching the 3 stooges. But as of recently I feel that Mr. Hume has gone rogue and has now join the ranks of his Fox News cohorts namely Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in cracking open the right wing money bank. Before their infamy on Fox News these 3 personalities were middle of the road, fairly logical individuals, but once they cracked that right wing money bank all hell broke loose, and the same will happen with Hume.

Last year was the year of Glenn Beck and in past years O’Reilly and Hannity had their moments, so in 2010 Fox News newest star might be Brit Hume. In the past year Fox News has garnered record ratings and with high ratings comes more revenue, so now Mr.Hume has recently made statements regarding Tiger Woods watch below and peep what he said: 

First Mr. Hume has ever right to say what he wants and say it on a national platform that he has at his leisure, but wow Christianity is the only way that Tiger Woods can get redemption and forgiveness and Buddhism is not a religion worthy of that. Making statements like that are dangerous and disrespectful not only to Buddhist and Tiger Woods, but to all religions around the world. I thought being a Christian was about respect, love, forgiveness, and not domination. This is where we get into a lane where things can go wrong, I never saw in the bible to put down others faith. I guess if Mr. Hume wants to get that money he has to switch his style up. What do you think?

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