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<p>The digital platform allows doctors the options of using handheld digital recorders, telephones or PDA&rsquo;s for dictations, while recorders and PDA&rsquo;s are connected to a computer through a simple document cradle, the voice files are uploaded to a secure server. The pools of online medical transcribers access them to document them into records. However large clinics and hospitals face technical issues related to network security and firewall issues and for sorting these technical issues, a qualified support staff is essential to overcome the issues that may crop up now and then. The digital platform is enabled to capture dictations directly through a voice server; the audio files are automatically routed in a similar way as dictations that are recorded using a digital voice recorder or PDA.</p><p>The files are accessed by the MT&rsquo;s on a password protected internet site, the options for documenting them in real quick time largely depends on internet speed, a slow speed internet will take a long time for uploads or downloads of audio files or transcribed reports. The transcribed reports usually pass through the QA or directly to the doctor.</p><p>The application interface of the digital platform should have a display of the workflow that includes the doctor&rsquo;s name, dictation date, and transcription date with a job priority, a search option should also be available. The availability of user friendly tools will enable administrators to re-assign or edit files, without difficulty.</p><p>The platform must be enabled for the doctors to access the reports online through the website and the option of auto-printing the reports should also be available. It should also enable referral doctors to receive the copies without manual intervention. An efficient system will allow complete access and status of every assignment to the doctors or their assistants, optionally the ability to digitally sign the reports should also be available…</p><p>The digital transcription platforms make it possible to contract offshore vendors as service providers for medical transcriptions. The price charged by the off-shore vendors is 9&cent; to 12&cent; for a 65 character line count, and due to the zonal time difference, doctors in the United States are able to receive transcripts in 12 hours, the STAT reports are provided with a 2-hour T-A-T, many doctors are soliciting transcription services from the off-shore vendors. The US based vendors charge16&cent; to 17&cent; for a 45 character line, the annual cost savings on off-shoring medical transcription services&nbsp; has&nbsp; enabled healthcare providers recover costs on investments on setting-up a digital platform.</p>

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