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Apparently the recession hasn’t had an effect on Jon Geezy. In one of the dumbest moves in recent memory, the Atlanta-based rapper, who’s worked with Waka Flocka Flame among others, burned $100,000 cash and posted it on youtube. You read that right – ONE-HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Money ain’t a thing to Geezy I guess, as he’s took out a few stacks, threw them on the ground, doused them in lighter fluid and set it ablaze. The video has become a youtube sensation and raises the question – What was the point of this exactly? Even if he does have money to blow, he’s now out of $100,000 that he could’ve spent on a something. This takes rap excess to an absurd level. Plus, burning money is a federal offense! I’m sure we all know someone who could use those 100 Gs…. Check out the video for yourself below.